Examination Help Desk Details
1. Team Leader:- Rajendra Prasad Kar Mob:- 9474190999 Email:- rajendraprasadkar@gmail.com
2. Supporting Member(1):- Biswajit Pal Mob:- 9732295357 Email:- biswajitpalgbt@gmail.com
3. Supporting Member(2):- Subrata Ghorai Mob:- 9679886094 Email:- gsubrata@gmail.com


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Due to carona outbreak, our government has announced that all the schools will remain closed till 10th June and our students are detached from their studies for a long period.Keeping this in view, our Management  has decided to start e -learning procedure , for the time being, so that our students are benefited. Hope all of you will co operate with us.

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